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Arizona Department of Transportation data showed that almost 200,000 motorcycles are registered in Arizona, out of around 8 million motor vehicles all over the country. In 2015, out of 115,609 crashes in the state, 2,988 had something to do with motorcycles, with 134 people dead and 2,497 others injured. Most motorcycle operators who died were not wearing a helmet at the time of their accident. Similarly, most of those who were critically injured had also not worn helmets.

Arizona overturned its mandatory helmet law for adults in 1976, but children below 18 years old are still subject to helmet requirements. State Representative Randall Friese filed House Bill 2046, which mandates the reinstatement of the helmet law. However, if one wishes to be exempted from the mandate, the person can pay into a special fund for people who suffer head injuries in crashes. Friese noted, “Research has shown, time and again, hundreds of millions of dollars will be saved if we prevent head injury.”

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