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If you’ve been in a car wreck caused by a road defect, it’s important to know that what happened was not your fault. It’s the government’s responsibility to keep the road safe for drivers, and a failure to take care of this responsibility should be on them. At Russo Law Firm, we work to make sure that victims of road defects are properly compensated for injuries and damages that they sustained due to government neglect of the roads.

Russo Law Firm are here to help advocate for you and will work hard to secure the just compensation that you are owed. Even if you are unsure of who might be responsible for the road defect that caused your crash, our Tucson road defect lawyers can determine whether you qualify for compensation and guide you through the legal process. Securing compensation for your crash can make getting back on your feet much easier, and will prevent you from paying out of your own pocket for something that wasn’t your fault. Call us at (520) 529-1515 today.

Do I Need A Lawyer?

Retaining a lawyer after an accident should be your utmost priority. The statute of limitations puts a cap on the time that you have to pursue cases like these, and the bills that will pile up in the wake of a wreck won’t wait for anyone. Furthermore, there’s no substitute for having a competent, experienced legal team on your side. We will guide you through the legal process free of charge, only taking a commission if we win your case.

A lawyer is a necessity if you’re hoping to fight for the maximum amount owed to you. Although you could theoretically take a municipality to court on your own and represent yourself, only a lawyer will have the training and advanced knowledge of the legal process to maximize your award. On top of this, a qualified lawyer will make the entire litigation something that you don’t have to worry about. The peace of mind that comes with having someone else handle this process cannot be overstated.

Why Choose Us?

Russo Law Firm has been litigating personal injury cases for over 60 years. In our time serving the Tucson area, we’ve seen just about every type of case there is. If you’ve experienced it, we’ve litigated it. Furthermore, the personal injury cases that we retain are on a contingent fee basis, meaning that we only collect payment if we win the case. This is how we demonstrate our commitment to you—if we don’t win your case, we don’t get paid at all. You can be sure that we’ll devote ourselves to winning your case, and our past results speak for themselves—we’re a team that wins.

Road Defect Cases We Handle

Road defects are a very broad category of hazards, and it’s understandable that one might not be well-versed enough to know when they’ve been the victim of one. If you’re unsure if a road hazard caused your wreck, the best step to take is to call our offices and speak to a representative who will be able to shed light on your situation. The types of road hazards that we see most often and affect the most people are as follows:

  • Damaged or missing road signs
  • Broken or malfunctioning traffic lights
  • Inadequate lighting on dark roads
  • Missing lane dividers
  • Garbage or other hazards left in the road
  • Lack of guardrails
  • Lack of crosswalks
  • Potholes

There is no one way to be involved in a car accident caused by a road defect, so don’t worry if you don’t see your specific case above. If your car accident was caused through some fault in the road, please contact us at (520) 529-1515 and we’ll tell you if you have a case.

Frequently Asked Questions

We want to give you all the answers you need as quickly as possible, so we’ve provided the answers to a few common questions below. For additional questions, please call at (520) 529-1515 to set up a consultation.

How much can I expect to see from a settlement?

If you can demonstrate that a road defect was even partially responsible for your accident, our skilled attorneys can negotiate a settlement for damages. This includes not only the damage to your vehicle and potential medical bills, but also pain and suffering, and even income that you may have lost as a result of a stay in the hospital or time without a car. If you’re worried about a lawsuit not being worth it, remember that you won’t owe us a single penny unless we win.

How do I know if a road defect is to blame for my crash?

It won’t always be a simple matter of knowing if a road defect caused your accident, but hazards such as potholes, damaged signs, or malfunctioning traffic lights can be easily identified and documented by an experienced team. Time is important, however, as the sooner you call our offices, the more recent the evidence of your crash will be. This will greatly help in the litigation of your case. Additionally, documentation will be your best friend in your pursuit of a settlement; be sure to take pictures and talk to people who could potentially testify as witnesses to your crash.

How long will it take for my case to get resolved?

Every case is different, but for most personal injury cases a waiting period of a few months to even one to two years is normal. Since it’s such a big time commitment, having a legal team that will do most of the work for you becomes even more important. For a more accurate idea of the timeframe associated with your particular case, please contact our offices.

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Our team is standing by right now to take your call. If you’ve been the victim of a crash caused by a road defect, turn to the legal team that so many have trusted to handle their claims in Tuscon area. Trust your case to Russo Law Firm. Our attorneys will handle your case with care and make sure that you get the compensation that you deserve. Don’t wait until it is too late to file your claim. Contact us at (520) 529-1515 today.

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