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Firm History

Our law firm combines a business law practice with a personal injury practice. Most personal injury cases are done on a contingent fee basis and require financing until completion. Our business practice helps finance the costs associated with the inherent risk of personal injury cases. We do not need to settle a case to make payroll and strive to maximize our clients’ recovery in personal injury matters.

Our success stems from the fact that we put clients first. Success for our clients means success for us. Please feel free to contact us if we can help you.

We trace our origins back to 1956 when Russ Russo passed the Arizona bar exam and started his practice here in Tucson.

Russell (“Russ”) Russo was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1930. Russ’ first memories in life are working at his father’s barbershop where he was a “sweeper”.

Russ developed a strong work ethic as a child and learned the importance of satisfying customers and putting customers first. He enjoyed working with people and decided that he would go to law school.

Russo Russo & Slania, P.C. Law Firm HistoryRuss graduated from Ohio State Law School in 1953. He immediately entered the Air Force, Judge Advocate Department. Russ was stationed at Tucson Davis-Monthan Air Force Base in Arizona for 3 years and 2 months – from August 1953 to October 1956.

During his time as an Air Force Judge Advocate, Russ obtained the rank of First Lieutenant and was instrumental in conducting courts-martial and legal matters for Davis-Monthan Air Force Base.

After Russ left the Air Force, he started his private practice in Tucson in 1956.

Many of his original clients were from the Davis-Monthan Air Force base. Russ spent the majority of his time during the first 2 or 3 years of practice as civilian counsel in different types of courts-martial. However, Russ also represented clients in complex business matters, family law cases, and other legal matters. He took great pride in being a problem solver for his clients. By solving people’s problems, Russ prospered as a Tucson attorney, and he held his license to practice law in Arizona for 58 years!

As Russ became part of the Tucson community his practice grew, and because he put clients first, his practice thrived. In 1961, Tom Cox became a part of the firm and the two of them developed a thriving practice. Four years later in 1965, the firm added a personal injury practice. Russ passed away in 2020 at the age of 90 but has left quite a legacy.

In 1978, Russ’s son, Steve Russo, joined the firm, and in 1989, Russ Russo retired.