Auto Crashes


Unfortunately, traffic fatalities are on the rise again. According to data gathered by NHTSA, in the first quarter of 2012, fatalities increased 13.5% with an estimated 7,630 people killed. Many fatalities and serious injuries can be traced back to issues with vehicle defects, tire defects, drowsy or distracted drivers, impaired drivers and/or road design. Our firm helps accident victims by hiring top-notch experts, investigating and reconstructing the accidents, preserving evidence (vehicles/tires), evaluating defects and, ultimately, litigating the case to a final resolution. Most automobile and trucking accidents present complex factual issues that require experience and diligence. Call us today for a free consultation..    Read more...








Tire Defects


Tire detreads are common on Arizona highways.  Many of these detreads could be avoided through proper design and manufacturing techniques.  Defective tires can fail without warning and cause catastrophic loss of control.  Many serious injuries and deaths could be avoided by a manufacturers' quality control processes and by using known detread countermeasures in the construction of the tire.  If you or someone you care about has been injured or killed due to a tire defect, call RRS today for a free consultation.  We have a team ready to help you preserve the evidence, reconstruct the accident and evaluate your claim.   Read more...








Tucson Hip Replacement Attorneys

Hip Implants


The failure of a knee or hip implant can be devastating and expensive.  A growing number of manufacturers are having unsuccessful outcomes with their devices due to implant loosening, dislocations, metal poisoning, tissue loss (necrosis), osteolysis (bone loss/inflamation) and auto-immune problems.  When their implants fail, healthy, active adults can quickly lose their freedom and their savings.  And surgeries to remove the implants can cause more scarring, pain and long-term problems than the original osteoarthritis.    Read More...







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Russell Russo

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Russell Russo obtained his undergraduate degree from Ohio State University in 1951.  He graduated from Ohio State Law School and became a member of the Ohio Bar in 1953.  In October of 1956, he became a member of the Arizona State Bar. From 1953 to 1956, Mr. Russo was stationed at Davis Monthan Air Force Base as a member of the Judge Advocate General’s Corps. In addition, he served as the liaison between Davis Monthan Air Force Base, the City of Tucson and Pima County.

Mr. Russo started the Firm in 1956 and has practiced for over fifty years here in Tucson, Arizona.  He was appointed counsel to The Industrial Development Authority of the County of Pima in 1974.  He practiced general law with an emphasis in probate and estate planning, prior to becoming “of counsel” in 2000.  He still a member of the State Bar of Arizona, the Ohio State Bar but now spends most of his time traveling.


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